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Image Credit: http://ultrafeel.tv/thread-tapestry-advaita-poetry-toombaru/

Image Credit: http://ultrafeel.tv/thread-tapestry-advaita-poetry-toombaru/

What is the “Grand Tapestry of Majesty”? It’s my colorful name for God’s creation and His design. We are all threads interacting with each other being placed just so; when all is said and done, the beautiful image of all of us threads in Creation having run it’s course will illustrate God’s Majesty to all. And thus He will be glorified. Continue Reading

I spent a total of about 18 months in the High Plains in various training programs in Oklahoma. The “Big Sky” feel is in full effect there, where you may have one or two trees to break up the entire line of the horizon as you turn your head. The speed of these videos allows you to perceive the systems of air and moisture movement that are our weather. Enjoy.


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WARNING: This is not a short blog post, especially if you watch the 4.5 minute video, which you should. Twice. Once as you read this, another immediately after reading this. I wonder if your experience will have changed. Let me know in the comments.

I don’t think there’s a way to adequately explain how much I’m in love with this video. The first time I watched it was in a place of emotional backlog and I was torn apart. It left me sobbing, heaving wracking sobs for grief of things I’ve surrendered and some wrenched from my grasp. It took me close to a half hour just to be functional again. I still watch it almost once a day just to remind myself of the blue aviation blood cells in my veins and to regain some imperfect reflection of what I’ve given up.


You see, I had this experience once, when it all came together, and I mean ALL. Flying was what it was supposed to be. It wasn’t just perfect, it was PERFECT. I feel inclined to tell the story, so I will.

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Hello, my name is Jonathan Allain. I serve Jesus. I am currently 39 years old, a divorced, single-father of two children (Abigail, 14, and Balen, 8). I have a zoo: 2 dogs Jazz & Penny, 1 cat Morpheus, 1 rabbit Thunderstorm, and a reef aquarium and some fruit flies (can’t keep their names straight). On the topic of names, I have taken on the moniker “eolith” for my online presence (e.g. Xbox Live, Twitter). This blog will be a bit of a stream of my consciousness and spirit as I endeavor to submit myself to the Will of God. You will encounter the Scripture. You will encounter the truths as I discover them. You may encounter what I call humor and even agree that’s what it’s called.  You will see me through it all, and through all of me I hope you’ll see Jesus.
A little on why I chose the name “eolithics”:
From the British Dictionary



1. a stone, usually crudely broken, used as a primitive tool in Eolithic times
What does this really mean? In my mind, I am a crude, primitive tool in the hands of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I yield my heart, mind, and body to Him daily so that He will be glorified, exalted; and not me. When I seek my own will and exalt myself (as I often do), I diminish Him and accomplish nothing, and usually harm myself and others.



  1. Forms nouns referring to fields of knowledge or practice.
  2. Forms nouns relating to activities



  1. The activities, practices, and fields of knowledge of eolith.
  2. Something that may or may not involve humor. Or snark.