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Hello, my name is Jonathan Allain. I serve Jesus. I am currently 39 years old, a divorced, single-father of two children (Abigail, 14, and Balen, 8). I have a zoo: 2 dogs Jazz & Penny, 1 cat Morpheus, 1 rabbit Thunderstorm, and a reef aquarium and some fruit flies (can’t keep their names straight). On the topic of names, I have taken on the moniker “eolith” for my online presence (e.g. Xbox Live, Twitter). This blog will be a bit of a stream of my consciousness and spirit as I endeavor to submit myself to the Will of God. You will encounter the Scripture. You will encounter the truths as I discover them. You may encounter what I call humor and even agree that’s what it’s called.  You will see me through it all, and through all of me I hope you’ll see Jesus.
A little on why I chose the name “eolithics”:
From the British Dictionary



1. a stone, usually crudely broken, used as a primitive tool in Eolithic times
What does this really mean? In my mind, I am a crude, primitive tool in the hands of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I yield my heart, mind, and body to Him daily so that He will be glorified, exalted; and not me. When I seek my own will and exalt myself (as I often do), I diminish Him and accomplish nothing, and usually harm myself and others.



  1. Forms nouns referring to fields of knowledge or practice.
  2. Forms nouns relating to activities



  1. The activities, practices, and fields of knowledge of eolith.
  2. Something that may or may not involve humor. Or snark.